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Our Team

Jon Dougal - Chairman & Founder

Jon R. Dougal directed and specified the first LEED Platinum affordable house in the U.S. for Habitat for Humanity 2008, as well as founding the USGBC Central California Chapter in 2005.
He serves on many green organizations: Currently as the Executive Director of the Green Technology Institute, as well as the Executive Director/Founder of the Solar Energy Council, both non-profit energy organizations, on the Board of Advisors for the Sustainable Furniture Council and previously the USGBC-Inland Empire Chapter.
Jon's background in management as a 3 state perishables distributor and operations manager of a large Bay Area HVAC company informs his roles in sustainable firms today.

As a former author and publisher he has been dedicated to "Green Building, Natural Products, and Sustainable Living." The GreenInsight newsletter, from the GreenMotion's website (, and reach 300,000 subscribers in 24 countries. These eNewsLetters covered all emerging topics, technologies, and processes needed by professionals, government officials, agriculturalists, biofuel producers, and homeowners in addressing climate change and ecological choice.

As a public speaker, tradeshow producer, and instructor of sustainable development technologies, recently speaking at the regional 2008 U.S. Dept of Commerce conference on "Water Conservation", Jon has presented at the 2009 ASID National Conference in New Orleans-on the "Future of Sustainable Materials", and at the 2008 Santa Fe – New Mexico Home Builders Association- on green real estate. His courses on Sustainable Marketing and Green Real Estate are given at Boston Architectural College and at University of California Riverside.

Other notable affiliations over the past 20 years include: "Sustainable San Francisco" as Co-author of the San Francisco Master Plan for future generations; the "Green Building Products Showcase" co-sponsored by the AIA-Committee on the Environment, Pacific Gas & Electric, Urban Ecology Institute, and the Architects, Designers, & Planners for Social Responsibility, and was the original concept for West Coast Green Conference. Conference Host and founder of the benchmark "Altering Profiles of the Future" for the commissioning of the 2nd LEED Platinum building in the U.S. – the U.C. Santa Barbara campus Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management the foundation for all future California State and University of California conferences on the greening of college campus.

Jon was the Sustainable Initiatives Manager for Armstrong World Industries and was successful in changing the corporate culture to one of environmental consciousness.


Sid Bursten - Chief Executive Officer

Sid Bursten is a creative business executive and sparkplug, with a background in business consulting – public relations, advertising and information technology – who now heads companies in the real-estate and finance fields.

In the information technology field, Sid specialized in business-process design and improvement. Combining an enterprise view with effective process-analysis methodologies, he specialized in making sure that projects really solve actual business problems and delivered substantial, quantifiable results, on time and within budget.

Focusing on business requirements and business processes, he espoused the view that every project should have one and only one ultimate objective: to increase company profits by reducing costs, increasing revenue or both.

Sid was a Senior Consultant/IT Architect at IBM before being promoted to Strategy and Planning Leader for competency development. (That's corporate-speak for getting thousands of consultants and other workers in his global division doing the right thing with the right tools.) He's not only an innovative U.S. patent holder, but he's co-developer of the VP-Info database language, a best-selling software program that topped the charts in the late 80s. Before becoming a computer consultant (the same year IBM introduced the PC), Sid was a top-selling Realtor, sometimes selling up to five homes in a single day. At the same time, he became a major real-estate investor, with almost 250 housing and office rental units and other investments.

Since “retiring” from full-time work in software development, Sid has concentrated his energies on creating or working with companies capable of making major, progressive changes in the way free enterprise can help solve societal problems, including Smart-Streets Worldwide Systems LLC.


Hilary Palmer - Executive Vice President

Hilary was a high-tech executive and business consultant who has spent 18 years managing senior-level project managers, business and system analysts who were commissioned to build or enhance software systems. She loves to start things and her passion is partnering with visionaries who have big, innovative, high-concept business ideas.

In addition to working in Smart-Streets and helping to build a real-estate investment firm, she has developed a "creative-company incubator" (Inspired Vision Investments) where she can "nurture creative ideas and the people who serve them."

She specializes in start-up project scoping and concept articulation, organization-building and project management, ensuring that projects are staffed with the right talent-team, are well structured, and achieve their objectives.

In her role as Executive Vice President of Smart-Streets, she is applying her entrepreneurial spirit and her executive-level organizational expertise to establish a cutting edge, dynamic and profitable company for the 21st Century.








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