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About Our Company

Smart-Streets brings together a team of experienced multi-discipline professionals from various technologies. This unique combination of talent results in a well developed selection of product solutions and services. We deliver world-class, 'green-lighting', wireless data communications, safety and security systems for metropolitan and rural environments. We are a new breed of utility partner that you can count on - enhancing your existing infrastructure while reducing overhead expenses through revenue neutral investment/capitalization.

Cost Savings and Integrated Services

As cities and communities grow, so do their power and safety requirements. Even amid ever increasing budget shortfalls we are able project future requirements and provide cost effective solutions.

Smart-Streets' integrated technologies provide local services for entire community while lowering costs and protecting the environment. Local governments must meet the needs of its population in a safe but cost effective manner. A fresh approach must be taken to ensure 21st century services are available to all residents.

We provide sustainable solar powered street lighting, wireless data communications, security and safety. These features are seamlessly integrated into a single solution. All of our product solutions are forward-thinking, agile and fully upgradable to changing technologies.


At Smart-Streets, we are committed to creating products and services that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. Our goal is to provide, at least, zero-cost solutions whenever possible. We are committed to providing products and services to communities and cities of all sizes. Our flexible design architecture utilizes local infrastructure and existing materials. This not only keeps down costs, but it also allows for rapid deployment of our solutions to your community.

Our modular approach to product solutions is extremely agile and can adjust to a broad range of situations and configurations - from individuals and groups to public authorities and emergency organizations.

Street lights provide light and safety for the public. By utilizing high quality lighting and serveilllence systems we're able to enhance safety and quality of life. Our integrated services will save money, provide access to information, stimulate local business, and make neighborhoods safer. This new city experience increases shopping hours and dark-sky enjoyment.

We are committed to providing enhanced communications, safety and support services to public authorities, citizens, law enforcement and safety personnel.


Smart-Streets products and services are designed to save money from day one. Our solutions are, at a minimum, cost neutral and require no "out-of-pocket" financing. Not only do municipalities save money with enhanced services, but local productivity and investments also increase.

New business and job opportunities are created through extension of data communications and security networks. Greater productivity increases local revenues, further enhancing the potential of our products.

Smart-Streets' new product solutions require a reduced energy budget. The lighting solutions are low energy, long-life and highly reliable making troubling maintenance a thing of the past. Also, the central network center can detect any faults and issues without the need for physical inspection. Our products require much lower capital expenditure than alternative street lighting communications and security networks. Because we do not require significant infrastructure changes such as trenching to run underground copper or fiber optic cables, start-up costs are kept to a minimum. Using the latest technologies lowers operational and maintenance costs as well.

Our solutions combine low operating costs with serious revenue enhancing opportunities. For example, a municipality and local company can set up and manage an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as a public-private partnership. These types of commercial relationship can further leverage technology to enhance overall return on investment.








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  Smart-Streets Worldwide Systems LLC is a provider of high-quality, integrated streetlighting, communication and surveillance products, solutions and services.