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Smart-Streets offers a wide range of products and services suitable for many different urban and rural environments. This includes solar, voice and data communications, street lighting, security, monitoring and asset tracking.

Energy-Efficient LED Street Lights
New energy efficient lights save money. The lamp casing itself is die-cast in an aluminum alloy, uses high-quality toughened glass, which is highly lucent, dust-proof and waterproof. The street light head is finished with a covering of fluorocarbon powder, adding strong self-cleaning properties. These enhanced features reduce the need for maintenance and increase the life of our products.

We have partnered with top lighting manufacturers to provide street lights in various power intensities for different environments. They range from 30W, 50W, 90W to 120W lighting options.

Solar Power
Mounted solar panels provide power to the grid during peak hours. Our energy efficient Street Lights receive power at night when off-peak energy rates are much lower producing net revenue. This provides needed power to the grid during peak hours when energy consumption is the greatest. Solar powered lighting and communication solutions bring the future to your community.

Data Communications
The full-scale wireless solutions offered by Smart-Streets can be used for all kinds of applications. Besides wireless internet, the same infrastructure can be used for a complete platform of innovative applications:
Video surveillance, Traffic control, Parking management, Infotainment, VoIP (Voice over IP), Wireless audio streaming, Telemetry, RTLS (Real Time Location Services) and many others…

Integrated Products
Smart-Streets product integration ensures an all-in-one, cost-saving, future proof solution. Each component is specifically chosen to ensure perfect synergy.

Monitoring and Control software
Our software is designed from the ground up to monitor and control all of our integration products. Smart-Streets software products can send data to existing Control Centers via web services or XML data streams.








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  Smart-Streets is a provider of high-quality, integrated streetlighting, communication and surveillance products, solutions and services.