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Data Communications
Many rapidly expanding communities struggle to offer internet connectivity across homes and businesses. Expanding traditional copper and fiber networks is expensive and slow. Smart-Streets alleviates this problem by installing our solutions on existing infrastructure at low cost while still providing broadband solutions to remote users. Many large cities now realize the benefit of municipal Wi-Fi installations for overcoming last mile connectivity problems and providing ubiquitous connectivity.

The Smart-Streets network is connected using proven mesh Wi-Fi and Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology. Each data access point has multiple radios for customer access and data backhaul. The network can be configured to provide quality of service (QoS), which allows priority to be given to different types of traffic from different users. The network also supports virtual private networks (VPNs) allowing extra security for users. If configured correctly the network can provide voice mobility through VoIP allowing users to roam across the network without losing the signal.

Smart-Streets offers the most modern data communications solutions. Services are integrated utilizing a central command system. We know that no two communities are alike so we perform a thorough evaluation to determine communication needs. Existing infrastructure can be combined with newer technologies where ever possible.

Smart-Streets can provide emergency services with new public safety functions in the areas of voice, data and video. Thanks to Smart-Streets video systems, emergency services can connect to any camera on the network via our software or integrated Command Center. This will assist in disaster and traffic management, emergency response and evidence gathering. Full streaming video can be viewed by any authorized user on the network.

Smart Grid
Our solutions are designed from the ground up to support the grid technologies of the future. Smart Grid features such as automated meter reading and control of electrical demand by limiting prioritization of appliance use (i.e. pool pumps, lawn fountains, clothes dryer) are integrated into our products.

Monitoring Systems
Smart-Streets has developed a microprocessor-based self-monitoring device. This allows each individual device to communicate its status back to a central Command Center at all times. The Command Center software runs on any PC and can be integrated with other systems.  The entire network of street lights, communications, and security hardware can be managed from a single location. This includes switching individual lights on and off, monitoring maintenance requirements and managing saftety systems. The monitoring device also detects and reports theft, damage or interference with the equipment (light, panel, camera or communication system). This monitoring system lowers maintenance costs to a significant extent: maintenance crews are only sent to faulty fixtures, rather than having to perform inspections on a regular basis. Vehicle and fuel costs are cut, and so is pollution.








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  Smart-Streets is a provider of high-quality, integrated streetlighting, communication and surveillance products, solutions and services.