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Jon Dougal
Chairman & Founder
(415) 798-1933

Sid Bursten
Chief Executive Officer
(949) 226-7359

22061 Arrowhead Lane
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Fax: (866) 929-6742

Data Communications

Smart-Streets is specialized in developing high quality wireless broadband networks based on the newest ‘multiradio switched mesh’ technology. The multiradio mesh system is a breakthrough in the field of wireless communication. Its modular structure, the central configurability and the outstanding service make this the ultimate solution for every situation where cabling doesn’t provide the appropriate answer. The full-scale wireless solution provided by Smart-Streets is centrally managed and can be operational on short term. This lowers the cost drastically in comparison with traditional wireless networks.

Smart-Streets offers:

  • A state-of-the-art 100% wireless network for broadband communication
  • Connections of any type can be made, seamlessly linking, both indoor and outdoor
  • A fast, easy to use and solid all-in-one solution
  • Allowing mobile and remote access to the network
  • Scalable and modular (self-discovery, self-tuning)
  • Money-saving, making adequate use of the existing infrastructure (no wires)
  • Innovative and future proof
  • Remote support with a transparent system
  • QOS for perfect cooperation of critical applications


Mesh networking is a way to route data, voice and instructions between nodes. It allows for continuous connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths by ‘hopping’ from node to node until the destination is reached. Mesh networks differ from other networks in that the component parts can all connect to each other via multiple hops. Mesh networks are self-healing: the network can still operate even when a node breaks down or a connection goes bad. As a result, a very reliable network is formed. This concept is applicable to wireless networks, wired networks, and software interaction.








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  Smart-Streets is a provider of high-quality, integrated streetlighting, communication and surveillance products, solutions and services.